PT. Tria Magna Sejati

FRC Single Core Twisted

A multitude of industries rely on cable technology to power their manufacturing facilities, improve day-to-day operations and enhance their product oferings. This make the accessibility of innovative cable solutions, as well as their quality, reliability and performance, imperative to business success.

Borne of Jebsen & Jessen (SEA) and Lapp Holding Asia, a subsidiary of Lapp Group in Germany, we represent the @nest German cable technology developed for and delivered to ASEAN.

We import leading German cable technology, tailor it to the market needs of ASEAN and manufacture it within the region. It is a strategy with a clear vision: to equip industry players with world-standard cable solutions that work for them in the most time and cost eKcient manner. To this end, we hold inventory worth millions of dollars in the region. 

At JJ-Lapp Cable, we take world-leading technology and make it work for you.

TEST LABORATORY. Uncompromising quality is what we at JJ-Lapp Cable live by. In fact, only after passing stringent quality control tests will any product bearing the Lapp brand be delivered to you. Innovatively designed, precision crafted and sturdily constructed, Lapp products have proven their worth for over half a century.

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