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High frequency sine wave filter with excellent attenuation for variable frequency drive applications
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Enerdoor motor protection reduces harmful dV/dt generated by variable frequency drives (VFD , Speed Drive) imposed onto the motor. Motor protection devices are designed to work in various applications of switching frequencies and frequency outputs. Sine wave filters are low pass frequency Frequency Converters filters which convert the rectangular PWM output signal of motor drives into a smooth sine wave voltage. with low residual ripple. Sine wave filters, also known as LC-filters or named. sinusoidal filters, are mainly used in combination with variable speed drives.

This series carries CE and UL approvals and offers a current range from 3 to 1100 Ampere. Enerdoor motor protection includes common-mode filter choke and differential mode inductance, Sine wave filters and Snubbers. Unique features include: high linearity vs frequency and current, very low operating temperatures, and compact dimensions.


• Rated current from 5 to 1100A

• High performance sine wave output

• Eliminates dV/dt and increases motor life

• Ideal for high speed motor - 0 Hz to 10 kHz


• Terminal blocks up to 880A

• Very compact design

• Available in open frame or enclosure


• Long cable applications - 2.500 m

• Frequency drives and servo drives >75 Hz

• Process plants

• Water treatment plants

• Agriculture

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