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20 Feb 2020
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Spesifikasi SISTEM NIRKABEL Alarm Kebakaran

Sistem Wireless (Nirkabel)

Panel ALarm Kebakaran Nirkabel, VIT 01, di disain untuk panel proteksi kebakaran, manajemen dan dapat dihubungan dengan alat kebakaran lainnya. Penggunaan komunikasi radio antara panel kontrol dan alat pendeteksi kebakaran membuat sistem in cocok untuk daerah dimana tidak dibutuhkan instalasi kabel. Panel Kontrol di disain da di produksi sesuai dengan Standar ЕN 54-2/4 and EN 54-25.

The Control Panel operates together with:
– Automatic fire detectors VIT20, VIT30, VIT60.
– Manual call point VIT50.
– Router VIT02.

Basic functional characteristics:
– Setting up of the operating modes and parameters of fire detectors, communication controllers and outputs through a built-in keyboard.
– Control for removed fire detector from its base, battery status.
– Control over the level of radio signal of the devices.
– Option for changing parameters of the fire detectors.
– LCD display for visualization of the operating modes of the system.
– LED indication for signalization of emergency and extreme situations in the zones and within the whole system.
– Non-volatile archive memory, saving up to 4096 events, indicating the time and the type of the event, and allowing a perfect analysis of the actions of authorized personnel and the possible problems in the process of fire safety of the premise.
– User friendly test modes for all the system components, providing a total control over the condition of the protected premise.
– Test and choice of 16 different channels to establish radio connection.
– Automatic restoration in fault condition, after the reason, that caused the fault has been removed.
– Built-in serial interface RS232/RS485 for connection with personal computer or other external devices.
– Compatible to different ways of installation designs, within the range of the control panel’s resources.


Technical data

Maximum number of devices/zones: 32/15

Radio network parameters
– Frequency: 2,4 GHz
– Maximum number of devices included in the network: 32
– Maximum number of routers included in the network: 6
– Maximum number of devices connected directly to the Control Panel: 20
– Maximum number of fire detectors connected to the router: 14
– Maximum number of retransmissions of messages through the router: 5

Controllable outputs: 2 pcs
– Type: potential, relay
– Electrical features: (24±5)V DC/1 A

Relay output for fire condition: 1 pc
– Type: potential-free, switching
– Electrical features: 3A/125V AC; 3A/30V DC

Relay output for fault condition: 1 pc
– Type: potential-free, switching
– Electrical features: 3A/125V AC; 3A/30V DC

Indication of the registered events: LED
– Light indication: crystal-liquid display
– Text messages: 4 lines, 20 characters per line, cyrillic, back-lit
– Sound: built-in sounder

Power supply

Mains supply
– Voltage: 220/230V
– Frequency: 50 Hz

Backup (battery) supply
– Battery type: lead, gel electrolyte
– Number of the batteries: 2 pcs
– Connection: serial connection
– Nominal voltage of the connected back up batteries: 24V DC
– Nominal capacity С20: (1,2-4,5) Ah
– Terminal discharge voltage: 17,6V
– Charge voltage: 28V
– Consumption on the back up battery supply: <180mA at 24V

Overall dimensions: 313х218х85 mm
Weight (excluding the back up batteries) not more than: 1,440 kg

Untuk keterangan lebih lanjut, silahkan download PDF ini :




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